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Obsessed with Movies

I’ve got a cold and I’ve got a lot on my mind today so I’m digging out some fluff I stuck in drafts a while back. Top ten indications you may be obsessed with movies: Every time you buckle your … Continue reading

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My Favorite Movie

I watched Casablanca the other night on Turner Classic Movies.  Every time I watch this movie I find more subtleties to marvel at.  I think I can say that this is my favorite movie.  Three weeks from now I may … Continue reading

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Casablanca In…

“We’ll always have Paris.  We lost it but we…  What was that?” “What was what?” “That feeling.  Like the ground moved or something.  A dizzy feeling.” “Oh yes.  Now I feel it.  I don’t know.  Oh wait.  I know what … Continue reading

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