I’m Part of the Team

My beloved Razorbacks were blown out by Alabama.  Again.  Amazingly, as bad as we looked we could have been in it to the end if not for the turnovers.  Austin Allen may be the best quaterback in the league.  We just need to protect him a little better.

We aren’t far from what was perdicted at the beginning of the season.  Eight wins.  Loses to TCU, A&M, Alabama, and Ole Miss.  An even chance or better the rest of the way.  We’re one win ahead of that.

The offensive line is the problem.  Sometimes they look like ushers rather than blockers.  If we can’t fix that we are in trouble.

I imagine there will be lots of people who will be calling for the head of Bret Bielema.  People who were big fans a few weeks ago will now claim they never liked him.  I hate it when we get like that.  I guess my problem is that I think I’m part of the team.

They’re just kids.  They mess up, do stupid things.  They’re just trying to grow up.  When they mess up I don’t throw them under the bus.  I hurt for them.  They’re my teammates.

Come to think of it, that may be a pretty good way to live.  Family, work, church.  Anyone can mess up, do or say dumb things.  But that’s alright.  We’ll cut ’em some slack.

They’re my teammates.


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The Brier Patch

You can kind of see where it’s heading.  Hillary wins, maybe by a landslide.  Some Republicans lose their seats in Congress.  In the coming years two or three liberal judges get appointed to the Supreme Court.  The liberal media and mindless entertainment continue to erode the consciousness of society in general.  The attack on the church continues to weaken our power, our freedoms, and our influence.

How bad can it get?  Pretty bad.  Very bad.  Given the changes that have come tumbling on each other in the last few years, it could be just about as bad as you can imagine.

So what do we do?

I stumbled the other day onto the story of Brer Rabbit and the Brier Patch.  You remember?  Uncle Remus?  Brer Fox caught Brer Rabbit and he was thinking about having him for dinner.   Brer Rabbit said, “Do anything you want but, oh please, please, please, just don’t throw me in the brier patch.”  Brer Fox, being the ornery cuss that he was, uped and threw him in the brier patch.  The next thing he heard was Brer Rabbit laughing up a storm.  “Don’t you know, Brer Fox?  The brier patch is my home.  I was born and raised here.”

So what’s going to happen to the church?  Maybe she is going into the brier patch.  But that’s alright but we have yet to see the power of God working through the persecuted church, the brier patch church.  It’s where we work best.  After all it’s where the church were born and raised.  The brier patch is our home.



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Five Smooth Stones

I stumbled onto this TV show called Socrates in the City.  It’s a show where people just talk about stuff.  It seems to be Christian oriented but I haven’t explored further so I can’t be sure about that.  This particular show was an interview with Malcolm Gladwell, an author of interesting nonfiction books.  His Outliers, published in 2008, continues to hang around on the paperback nonfiction best seller list.

His latest book is David and Goliath.  It’s about underdogs winning in the face of insurmountable odds.  I got a sample and read the first chapter about, well, David and Goliath.  Here’s what I got:  Goliath had a medical condition that made David’s victory a foregone conclusion.  Goliath was slow and had vision problems.  He would win a fight with armor and swords but he was vulnerable to a small, quick opponent with a sling and stones.  I thought ‘well, this is just another explain away a miracle thing’ and dismissed the book.

The interview changed my mind.  I haven’t read the book but I will.  Mr. Gladwell told how he was raised in an atmosphere of faith but as he matured he drifted away.  He said the process of writing this book led him to restoration.  He said the miracle was not that the stone killed Goliath.  The miracle was that God had spent years preparing David for this moment.  The miracle was that David showed up at that time and place and that David had the courage to step into that valley.  The rest was a foregone conclusion.

I think what we miss about miracles is how they are always preceded by an act of obedience.  It may be simply having the courage to walk to the altar to be prayed for or maybe just making time to pray.

Every other morning I pray free style.  I tell God who He is.  I ask Him to make me more like Him.  Just simple communion. I love those times.

The other mornings I pray my list.  I confess that many times I see this as just a duty to perform.  I don’t know how much my faith is engaged.

Maybe I should look at praying my list differently.  Maybe I should see it as me venturing into the valley, as me picking up five smooth stones.

The rest is a foregone conclusion.

Walls do crumble.  Giants are slain.  Armies are put to flight.  It all begins with prayer and communion with God.  Miracles are born in prayer.



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‘Long As I Can See the Light

Credence Clearwater Revival was a great rock band.  Listen to them and you want to go to a pawn shop and buy an electric guitar and amplifier and start singing bayou country rock.  Of course it takes more than a guitar. You need an accomplished drummer and a gravelly voice too.

There are two CCR songs I stick in playlists: Down on the Corner and Green River.   Many of the CCR songs have a dark aura about them and these two are happy, upbeat.  Given the present circumstances maybe we should be looking for a dark CCR song for our theme song.  Like Stuck in Lodi Again.  Or Who’ll Stop the Rain.  No, wait.  I’ve got it.  Bad Moon Rising.


CCR, Linda Ronstadt, Simon and Garfunkel.  They have become background noise, the soundtrack of our lives.  We hear them without listening.

There is one other CCR song that has popped into my head.  I can’t get rid of it.  Maybe I heard it in Kroger or WalMart or the mall.  If I had to name the top ten CCR songs it wouldn’t have made the list.  I can’t say that I even knew it was their song.  I don’t know where it came from but I think it’s a better theme song that Bad Moon Rising.

It doesn’t matter who gets elected president or what laws are passed or who sits on the supreme court…

‘Long as I can see the light.

There are a lot of people who need to see the light, more today than they have ever been.  They don’t need political arguments.  They need to see the light. For that to happen I need to see the light.  I need to show the light.  I need to be the light.


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We’ve Got It Wrong

What we want is laws passed.  What we want is people elected who see things our way, who do things our way, who make everybody else do things our way.  What we want is behaviors to change.  We don’t necessarily want hearts changed.  If hearts are changed then that would be okay with us but it’s not the main thing.  We want behaviors changed.  We want to make them change their behavior.

We’ve got it wrong.

It seems to me that our priority should be the spiritual condition of those who oppose us.  It’s not behavior that’s the issue.  It’s heart condition that matters.

I’ve been in Church services where the presence  and power us God was so real it forced me to my knees.  This morning I sat on my porch praying and I knew His presence so real that I was compelled to change, to stop doing one thing and start doing another.  When somebody, anybody becomes aware of the awesome and glorious and all encompassing reality of God, things change.

So here’s my prayer.

Father God, I ask that You make yourself known in the White House, in the halls of Congress, in the Supreme Court, in every state legislature and governor’s mansion, in every Church service, in every corner and every heart in this land.  I ask that You reveal Your greatness and Your power and Your majesty to us all.  Give us an understanding of how small we are and how big You are.  God, You are more than, greater than all of creation.  I am confident that an understanding of Your greatness will change hearts.

And I know that Your greatest desire is to change hearts.

Let it be so.

I pray these things in the awesome and Holy name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,


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Jesus Unchained

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13.

I’m reading this book, It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke.  Good book.  He makes this statement:

‘The way we usually present Jesus is something to the effect of, “Accept Jesus into your heart and you can go to heaven when you die.”‘  I wonder how that’s working for us.

Back in the seventies at the beginning of the charismatic movement when young people were being saved off the streets and out of the drug culture there was this young man in our Church.  He was short and kind of stocky, had shoulder length curly black hair.  The Holy Spirit would get on him and he would start worshipping and it would get people’s attention.  He was a catalyst.  People would start coming to the altar.  People would get saved, would get healed, would get baptised in the Holy Spirit.  This young man was not trying to get attention or disrupt the service.  Something would just get stirred up in him and it had to come out.

I saw him a few year later and I asked how it was going with him.  He said he was just trying to learn to be quiet.  I didn’t think about it at the time but now I wonder why I didn’t ask him what put it in his head that he needed to be quiet.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want to go back to the days of wildfire and disorder and people just wanting attention.  But I do wonder.

I don’t know how often that ‘Accept Jesus and go to heaven’ line works anymore.  We get ‘there are many ways to heaven’ or ‘I don’t believe in heaven or hell’ or ‘I don’t think there is a God’.  What does work, what does get people’s attention is Jesus.  Just being loud won’t work.  But if I spend enough time with Jesus people will notice.  If I have enough Jesus in me He will come out.  And people will pay attention.



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A Righteous Nation?

Righteous laws do not make people righteous.

There is no such thing as a righteous nation, a righteous goverment, a righteous society or culture.

Jesus did not come to redeem nations, governments, societies or cultures.  He came to redeem people, one at a time.  If Christianity is about a personal relationship with Jesus (and it is) then that’s the main thing, the only thing that matters.  A one on one, a one at a time redemption.

Societies and cultures, governments and laws are righteous because lots of people came to that one on one relationship.  And if that’s what it’s all about, if that is the most important thing then we should be about that business.  Not goverments and laws and elections.  We should be about the busimess of introducing people to Jesus, one on one one.

One at a time.



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