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Titanic Continued

It’s not that I’m just a guy who has to have explosions and karate fights and high speed chases.  I’m not.  In the eighties I saw ET at the theater six times.  Every time ET tapped on Elliot’s chest and … Continue reading

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Graphics Editing in 3D

We here at Exciting Energetic Extravagant Entertainment (EEEE) pride ourselves in being on top of the latest trends in movie making technology so I’m here to tell you about a hot rumor out of Hollywood.  It seems that James Cameron … Continue reading

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Casablanca In…

“We’ll always have Paris.  We lost it but we…  What was that?” “What was what?” “That feeling.  Like the ground moved or something.  A dizzy feeling.” “Oh yes.  Now I feel it.  I don’t know.  Oh wait.  I know what … Continue reading

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