The End Is Near ???

What do you think about these people who are always running around hollering that the end is near?

Yeah, me too.

About a week ago I posted something about current events in the Middle East and how things seemed to be pointing to the return of Jesus.  I still think things could be setting up for that.  As I write this the top story on my Goggle news page is ‘Sirens and Booms Heard in Jerusalem…’  Still we have been on the brink before and things have settled back down and we have gone back to everyday life.

And there is the trap.  Focusing on end time events and the return of Christ can lead to disappointment, disillusionment, and frustration if things don’t happen according to our schedule.  On the other hand there’s that thing about everyday life.  In everyday life we see, well, everyday life instead of eternity.

Do you remember a time in your life where you felt Jesus’ return was eminent?  It changes your perspective, doesn’t it?  It changes what’s important and what’s not important.  No matter what happens in the coming days and weeks and mouths (and years) I think it’s worthwhile to hold on to that perspective.  That ‘any day now’ point of view.



About Angus Lewis

My wife and I lived our whole lives in Arkansas until ten years ago. We moved to the Kansas City area in 2011 (a job change). That was the reason for the 'From a Far Country' title. Our children and grandchildren were in Arkansas. Six months ago we sold our house and bought one in Sherwood, Arkansas and my wife moved back down here. Two weeks ago I retired and moved back too. (I'm probably going to try to find something part time to keep me out of trouble.) So maybe the 'From a Far Country' title is not so much of a fit anymore. But I think I'll stick with it. I'm still not home. Not yet. The Bible says we are all strangers and pilgrims here. Our real home is with God and some day we'll be there. We'll be home.
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