Well here we go.  I have the germ of an idea.  I hope it doesn’t turn into an infection.

I got to thinking about atheists the other day.  There are some atheists who write books filled with vitriolic diatribes against all religions and especially against Christianity.  They are so mad at us and see religion, especially Christianity, as the cause of everything bad in the world.  These are the ones who get all the attention.  I know there are other atheists who have come to a conclusion that there is no god and we are on our own but they don’t make a big thing out of it.  I appreciate that and I appreciate that there are all kinds of atheists.  But in spite of that I have made some hasty generalizations about atheists.

  • Atheists are well educated

The writers of those books all seem to have a long list of credentials.  It seems that a lot of atheist ideas get planted in college.

  • Atheists are affluent

There are two kinds of cars that have atheist bumper stickers: fairly expensive cars like Volvos and old beat up cars (usually Subarus).  You get the feeling the Subarus are driven by people who have renounced capitalism and all private property but who are the children of affluence and they can run home when they need a meal.

I told you they were hasty generalization.

  • Atheists are very sure of themselves

Atheists are sure they are right.  This is not something they believe.  This is something they know.

Atheists think people who believe in religion, especially Christianity, are ignorant and deluded.  We are using religion as a crutch.  We are weak.  I see it another way.

I see atheists as people who have put all their trust in their own resources.  They trust their education.  They trust their wealth.  They believe in their intelligence and their ability to come to rational conclusions.  And they know they have reached the right conclusion.  They know the truth.

So what’s my position?  Where do I stand?  I’ll tell you.

I believe there is a God.  I believe He sent His Son to earth to die on the cross for me.  I believe He rose again and through Him I can have eternal life.  But here’s the difference.  I can’t say I know in the sense I know two plus two equals four.  I can’t prove any of it to anybody else.  I can’t refute the claims of atheism.  But I do know.  In the depths of my soul I know beyond doubt.  That’s not ignorance speaking.  That’s just knowing.  And I couldn’t turn away from it if I wanted to.




About Angus Lewis

My wife and I lived our whole lives in Arkansas until ten years ago. We moved to the Kansas City area in 2011 (a job change). That was the reason for the 'From a Far Country' title. Our children and grandchildren were in Arkansas. Six months ago we sold our house and bought one in Sherwood, Arkansas and my wife moved back down here. Two weeks ago I retired and moved back too. (I'm probably going to try to find something part time to keep me out of trouble.) So maybe the 'From a Far Country' title is not so much of a fit anymore. But I think I'll stick with it. I'm still not home. Not yet. The Bible says we are all strangers and pilgrims here. Our real home is with God and some day we'll be there. We'll be home.
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4 Responses to Atheists

  1. manoahswife says:

    “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18 (NKJV)

    “Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.’” John 6:68 (ESV)

    I couldn’t turn away from it either. Good post.

  2. If the atheists are right and we Christians are wrong, then we, at least, have nothing to lose. We have lived a life of joy and peace, and have tried to offer that same peace and joy to others. If, on the other hand, we Christians are correct and the atheists wrong–well, they have lost everything…the joy in this life and in the one to come.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Very well put Angus. I recently ended up having a skirmish with an athiest on my blog and had to ban him from commenting. I have no problems with athiests and have many for friends. I respect their beliefs as long as they respect and do not mock mine. I am a Christian. When they start mocking Faith and those who carry Faith, then that is where I get upset. How do we know George Washington was the first President of the US? We have no films of him, no photographs, only written records handed down through generations. We take it on faith that he was in fact, President. Can anyone prove he never existed? no. I have my faith and know what that daith will mean when I die. If I am wrong, then at least I led a good, spiritual, uplifting life while I was here, and I lived with the hope of a better life after death. Athiests have nothing to look forward too as far as I can tell. Once you die, poof, game over, end of story. What a way to go through life.

    • Angus Lewis says:

      Seems like people are so in your face about their positions anymore. I suspect it’s more about getting people to watch or read or listen than defending their beliefs.

      Thanks for your comment.

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